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Waukegan Sail and Power Squadron

Next Class Events



     Piloting Class                         March 22, 2018

     ABC sessions #7-9 will be held in conjuction with 3 Plioting Classes 

     Contact:  Brian Markey as above





 District Sping Conference, March 16-18

Holiday Inn, Elgin

Friday, March 16   Hospitality Suite

Saturday, March 17   Sail Angle and Membership Seminars

Sunday, March 18   Instructor recertification and OT in 3




May 19    Breakfast on the Waukegan Pati

May 22    Lunch at the Tropics, North Point   11:30-13:30


June 2      Blessing of the Fleet in Waukegan Harbor

June 9      Equipment sale, Ssea Scouts Luncheon, "Ready, Set,                                       

                       Weat It"

June 13    Luncheon at Kenosha Harbor  destination TBD

June 30    Flare Shoot with Bill Strauss